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Logo design and brand building

We have worked closely with SKiA since 2009 designing and developing the SKiA brand and producing their websites, packaging, advertising and all marketing materials.

The Sweetspot Ski Trainer is a completely new product designed by SKiA founder Martin Breach to help skiers of all abilities.

The Sweetspot logo is based on the fluid movements of turning skis round a central point. The 'S' shaped mark is also a representation of the dynamic and fluid curves created in the snow by an experienced skier. The red sphere adds to the suggestion of a specific point of balance.

We believe that secondary branding to be as important, if not more so, than the logo itself. It is the secondary brand elements that turn a logo into a brand and provides a consistent visual platform for all marketing material. As part of the secondary branding elements a simple horizon line was created, above the horizon line we used cyan below just white. With this we had created a simple graphic illustrating the skiing environment. This became a strong identifying feature of all consequent marketing materials.

Once the Logo and secondary branding had been approved we created a set of brand guidelines. This enabled SKiA and ourselves to 'police' the brand and ensure that the Sweetspot brand remain consistent from the start.

Project included: Packaging, Website, Web Advertising, Exhibition Stands, Instruction Manuals, Point of Sale Materials, Ski Designs, Social Media Graphics, Flyers and Stationery