Inness Mattinson - Creative Director

Our Approach

Our approach to design is all about finding out what you want to achieve and thinking how best to help you get there. Website or brochure, advertising campaign or exhibition stand, the design process starts the same way: We get together face-to-face, ask questions, and begin what will be an ongoing process of getting to know you and your business.

Only once we gain a solid understanding of your goals, your product, your services, your competition and your target audience do we start putting pen to layout pad.

We encourage your input at every stage. We don’t employ account handlers, so you can always talk directly to the person responsible. Whatever the project, we work hard to develop innovative approaches that will capture the attention of the people you want to reach. The result is a strong blend of creativity and commercial focus that brings clients back to us time and time again.


If it's a web design or other information-rich project, we first put together an outline of what content is to be included. This then feeds into our recommendations for website structure and into the way we approach the visual elements of the design. Having identified what you want to say, we provide design and content that works together to communicate the information effectively.

Copywriting is critical to the process. Good design attracts and draws people in, but it takes strong copy to convince them to click, phone or buy. Online, words are even more important as high quality content is now one of Google's key criteria. With our copy, you'll have clear, concise and persuasive writing that leads readers towards action. And if you're asking us to write for a website, you'll also get the Google-friendly wording that could just give you the edge in search engine results.
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Inness Design's Approach